Our Services

We are experts in Engineering Services and FTTH Operators


We are experts in engineering and consulting telecommunications. Our specialty is advice and integration with our clients work team



we are specialists in design photovoltaic engineering, construction management, grant processing, access point application to the electrical distribution company and in the legalization of the installation.


Industrial automation and home automation are the perfect tool to obtain advanced functionalities


We provide solutions for the implementation of the new FTTH network business


We offer solutions for the design, implementation and support of corporate telecommunications networks

Engineering and Consulting

At Alcort we are experts in Engineering Services and FTTH Operators. We offer consulting and engineering services to solve communication needs always from independence. We also take care of preparing detailed documentation for the implementation of the project. The memory, the plans, the specification and budget. We also take care of optimizing and tuning all the systems to be managed.

FTTH Network Operators

In addition, our specialty is the implementation of new generation networks based on fiber optics, especially fiber optic to the home (Fiber To The Home, FTTH). At Alcort we develop the project from the beginning preparing a business plan and a study of the client’s infrastructure. We take care of the commissioning and configuration of the equipment and systems to check their correct operation. Lastly, Alcort offers support and maintenance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to guarantee customer peace of mind.


Another of our key services is industrial automation and home automation. We develop comprehensive solutions that optimize industrial processes and allow global control in real time. Therefore, we have a series of experts with experience in control networks and KNX Advanced certification for more commercial and / or domestic environments.

Corporate Telecommunication Networks

At Alcort we also offer solutions for the design, implementation and support of business telecommunications networks. To respond to the needs of our clients. For this reason, these communications solutions allow the different services and applications to be connected in what is called “internal multi-service networks”. For this reason, their design is always scalable so that it can be expanded or interconnected between future offices or other entities.
For this we select the best technology for each project. It can be single or combined, wired and / or wireless. All in order to offer the performance, availability and redundancy of communications desired adjusted to the budget allocated.

In addition to our FTTH Engineering and Operators services, Alcort makes available to clients all the knowledge of a group of professionals and more than 10 years of experience. In this way we can ensure that the project to be developed is carried out in the most optimal way.

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