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In this section you will find information about our technological solutions

Meeting Point

Multi-vendor monitoring and provisioning software that facilitates the operation and maintenance of FTTH networks


Compact module specially oriented to ADA, AMI and DER

We offer technological solutions to the needs of our clients. These developments are made following the usual engineering procedures such as:

  • gathering requirements
  • drafting
  • testing in controlled environments
  • final version put into production.

Recursively, this process starts again for the generation of successive versions that implement improvements or new functionalities. The solutions are designed in a scalable way allowing an agile development.

Among others, we can highlight two technological solutions:


Meeting Point is a tool designed for the FTTH Operator that brings together the basic functionalities for the operations that take place in it, for example:

  • Customer management: new registrations, cancellations, parameter modifications such as download and upload speed, etc.
  • Basic operator statistics, evolution of registrations, traffic graphs, etc.
  • Record of actions taken for each client, historical values of optical signal.


RA100 (acronym for Remota Alcort 100). It is an industrial solution for control, measurement and supervision. With an embedded Linux operating system, it has digital inputs and outputs for connecting actuators, sensors, hubs and other elements.

Its implementation is intended to:

  • Low and medium voltage transformation centers for electricity distribution companies. With an RS485 bus, it has a modbus-TCP gateway, and gateways 101 and 104. It allows detection of fault current passage or monitoring of the load to detect faults, fraud or losses in the network.
  • Automation and industrial control. Measurements of water, voltage, electric current, humidity, flood or smoke sensors.
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