Our Partners

In this section you will find information about our partners


Alcort is a certified Loxone Silver Partner. This certifies us for the sale of equipment, planning and programming of devices as well as support from this Austrian manufacturer specialized in automation for all types of spaces.



Alcort is a Vip Bronze Partner of Teltonika Networks, a manufacturer of industrial network equipment for IoT and M2M communication, which has developed a wide portfolio of products for the most complex areas of Industry 4.0, Smart City and Green Energy.


Alcort is a certified Calix provider. This certifies us for the sale of FTTH equipment from an American manufacturer, providing all the necessary support.



Alcort is a certified supplier to Trango Systems. This certifies us for the sale, support, installation and integration of Trango microwave equipment. Alcort offers full support for successful deployment of individual microwave links and also turnkey projects.



Alcort is a certified provider (Advanced Partner) of the global open standard for home and building control. The KNX communication protocol is based on the OSI model. The specification is based on the EIB communication stack completed with the configuration mechanisms, physical means and application experience originally developed by IEB, Batibus and EHS: KNX is the successor and convergence of these three previous standards.



Alcort is a certified supplier (Sales Partner) of Huawei. This certifies us for the sale of FTTH equipment from a Chinese manufacturer.

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