Alejandro Cortés Estarellas

Alcort has been helping companies to create their own GPON FTTH based Telecom Operators for years. Using this technology, it is possible to provide symmetrical high speed Internet access services of 600 Mbit/s, fixed telephony and television.

Our clients incorporate us together with their staff like we are their Technology, Engineering and Support department. We collaborate with them helping them to invest in their new business, minimizing risks and economic costs. Our independence from manufacturers and suppliers allows us to focus our work on guaranteeing the interests of our client in the Operator’s network deployment and business running.

Our work is carried out in all phases of the project, from carrying out and advising on administrative procedures to become an operator, design engineering,construction management and the integration of equipment and systems, remaining subsequently linked to the exploitation phase of the Operator giving continuous support, 24-hour supervision, and operation and maintenance services.

Our engineers, all graduates in Telecommunications and/or Industrial Engineering, already accumulate solid experience and knowledge in all phases of the start-up of a Telecom operator.

We provide our clients with all the multi-manufacturer systems and tools for the provision, supervision, access control and pricing that they need for the day-to-day operation of their business.  

We characterize ourselves by adapting to the idiosyncrasy and particular needs of our clients, with whom we establish relationships of trust, commitment and personalized treatment.

To all those companies that consider investing in a solid and reliable future business such as that of the FTTH Operators, I invite you to consult us. We can help you minimize investment and operating costs, maximize the quality of the products and services offered and, ultimately, ensure the technical and economic success of your investment.




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